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Auto Accidents FAQ

Police report must be filed with 24 hours and notify your own insurance co. If injured seek medical assistance and seek the assistance of a personal injury attorneyEach insurance carrier has their own policies so call aheadno-fault application must be filed within 30 days of an accident to get your medicals and lost wages paid.You must file a claim with your own insurance co. within 90 days of an accident-when you find out other vehicle is not insured.That is a worker’s compensation claim–see your human resources person to file a claim on your behalf and meet with a worker’s comp. attorney.NY three years after date of accidentsix months-four yearsattorney will institute a law suitno-fault will pay for medical billsIf you are not at fault for an accident than no your insurance rates will not increase Every injury stands on its own and dollar amount for injuries depend on the injuries sustained as well as who may be at fault for the accident.Call the police and have a report made-if hurt than ambulance to hospital and file a claim with your own insurance carriersame as aboveyesif you are injured, than a dr. can assist youyes tell your version of accident and see if any witnesses to accidentDepends on the liability issuesfile an uninsured claim with your own insurance co,–if you have not insurance than file a claim with State.That would involve a products liability issue

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